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Hello kids,

I’m Painty the smallest coloring artist.This website contains some shapes of well known animals for you to colorize. If you want to get and own a set of animal shapes please download the free PDF file.Have a lot of fun! See you...

free! shapes. Vol.1- 200 animals.
This site is still growing. We’ll be back with new and updated
animal shapes and animal coloring templates. In the meantime you
can download a free set of animal shapes of well known animals.
After downloading the PDF file please print some or all of the 9 pages.
Enjoy coloring the animal shapes! Your kids will love it. There are so
many ways to colorize with interesting color combinations and variants.
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free! shapes on duck free! shapes on green frog free! shapes free! shapes on camel free! shapes on eagle free! shapes on moose free! shapes on squirrel

 free animal coloring shapes for download - free edition:

lion, moose, eagle, duck, frog, brown bear, fox, camel,

squirrel (in bavaria: oachkatzl :))

US version
currently using
free! shapes

   get some



 for free!

free! shapes on brown bear free! shapes on fox
1st. edition coming soon - more...